Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yeast Free Bread

When I start GFCF diet for Tanishk, first question was in my mind, what will he eat in his breakfast? As he loved his non-GFCF toast very much, I was having a tough time to give him breakfast. I started to give him GFCF Cereals and boiled egg. I make cheelas or pancakes for him. But whenever he sees anybody eating toast, he asked for the toast. Then I thought, we should try GFCF bread.

We tried different types of bread - brown rice flour bread, white rice flour bread, tapioca flour bread etc. but all breads were having yeast. Tanishk wasn't having any allergies so I kept giving him the breads. In all breads - we found "Food For Life" brown rice flour bread best for toast and after that I didn't try any other bread.

I tried to find out Yeast Free GFCF Bread, but couldn't. If I got, it was so much expensive to buy. I thought I should bake it for myself. That was also a tough task for me. I didn't bake any bread before, so I didn't know the basics. I was totally new to GFCF and baking the GFCF bread & cakes for me was start of new study.

Yeast Free Brown Rice Flour Bread
I searched on internet, and got several recipes. I got few books from the library and read them. I tried few recipes but failed. Some were very moist, very tasteless, some were very hard, some were sticky and some were very soft & crumbly.

Then I got a book written by Lisa Lewis - Special Diets For Special People from the library. I tried the yeast free bread recipe from the book. The bread was very much moist but it was OK for taste. Tanishk ate it but I wasn't sure whether he likes it or not. I kept trying other recipes too, but Tanishk wasn't comfortable with other breads. Then, again I used the same recipe and tried to make it edible & less moistened. I tried to increase / decrease ingredients to make it perfect. Finally, I got it perfect. It was a major achievement for me. :)

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  1. where is the recipe? i would really like to have it