Monday, May 16, 2011

My Special Rasoi

When Tanishk was diagnosed on ASD spectrum, we met the parents of other kids on spectrum. They told us that most of them are following a special diet - GFCF diet. I was wondering what is the GFCF diet and how it can help in autism. Tanishk was not having any kind of allergy. He was good in eating but was constipated. We thought that we don't need any special diet for him.

After few months, I learned that GFCF diet is not only for allergic people, it affects the behavior also. My husband told me that we should try it once. If it is too difficult and there is no change in the behavior, we won't continue. After GFCF diet, Tanishk's constipation problem was solved. And also he became calmer and we saw few behavior changes. I won't say that we saw very drastic changes. But these small changes made him learn more easily, so we continued his GFCF diet.

Yes, it was difficult for me as I wasn't good in the regular cooking. It took so much time to understand the ingredients what we shouldn't use and how to use new ingredients which we have never used or tasted. Still I am in learning process.

I did a lot of research on GFCF food. I read so many books, and I also searched on internet. I became a part of several Yahoo and Facebook groups. I also became a fan of several Facebook pages related to GFCF diet. Still I am not perfect.

I preferably cook Indian food and there was very less guidance on Indian GFCF food. But I want to share my experiences on this journey.

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